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An agreement for the provision of services for the transportation and disposal of industrial waste between LLC "Ecouniversal" and JSC "Yaroslavl plant of rubber technical products"was signed.
JSC "Yaroslavl plant RTI" - a modern enterprise that supplies products for the automotive industry, agriculture, aviation, Navy, medicine, construction industry, as well as producing consumer goods.
The volume of production ATHRTY tens of millions of rubles a month. The company employs about 1,400 people.

Rubber products-it is very dangerous for the environment and at the same time very useful for human economic activity material. Therefore, the problem of processing such waste is acute not only in Russia but also in many countries of the world.
In the case of waste rubber on landfills is a gradual destruction of the material with the release into the environment of volatile components and heavy metals. But, in the case of proper handling and proper processing-rubber waste can be obtained from raw materials for the manufacture of new tires, rubber products, water-repellent coatings for roofs, roads, sports, playgrounds and playgrounds, floor mats and soles for shoes, railway sleepers, under-rail pads, etc.
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