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Laboratory waste includes spent chemicals of organic and inorganic nature (solutions, acids, salts, alkalis), tested samples, as well as consumables and equipment contaminated with reagents. All these materials pose a great danger to humans and the environment.
Laboratory waste, as well as other types of chemical waste require an individual approach. There is no universal technology for processing these materials. The method of disposal depends on the physical and chemical properties of the waste.

In view of the high diversity of this waste group, it is highly desirable that the disposal of such waste is carried out by specialists from a licensed organization, such as LLC "Ecouniversal".

Methods for processing chemical laboratory waste are also different.Available methods of processing of laboratory and chemical waste allow to make partial or complete neutralization of mixtures and their further use. LLC "Ekouniversal" are used following main methods of recycling and disposal:
1. Neutralization. Occurs with the use of alkaline hydrolysis: spent chemical products are mixed with certain substances that convert chemicals into non-toxic compounds.
2. Chlorination with oxidation. This method allows to neutralize reagents almost 100%. Sodium, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, hypochlorites are used as oxidizers. Sometimes the use of direct chlorination of the mixture is practiced.
3. Alcoholysis. The method provides for the addition to the utilized solutions of alcohols (hence the name of the method).
4. Thermal influence. Incineration of chemical waste is carried out using melts of alkali metal salts and subsequent post-treatment of waste gases.
5. Distillation. The components of the liquids are divided into separate components.
6. Biodegradation. In some cases, neutralization is carried out by the use of certain strains of microorganisms.
7. Thermal pyrolysis. It is a method of high-temperature incineration of waste in furnaces using filtration combustion mixtures. This technology is used for neutralization of substances in any aggregate States.

If the processing of chemical waste into new products is not possible, as in the case of laboratory waste, or economically unprofitable, decontamination and subsequent disposal are carried out.

The LLC Ekouniversal company offers the clients a full range of services in the organization of collecting, export and utilization of laboratory and other types of chemical waste with providing all necessary documents corresponding to the Russian environmental legislation.
Cooperation with our company will allow the organization not to be afraid of penalties for environmental pollution and improper disposal of chemical waste.

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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