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Biological waste does not belong to industrial waste. They are allocated in a separate group.

According to paragraph 3.23 GOST 30772-2001 " resource Saving. Waste treatment. Terms and definitions" - biological waste is biological tissues and organs formed as a result of medical and veterinary operational practice, medical and biological experiments, death of livestock, other animals and poultry, and other waste obtained during processing of food and non - food raw materials of animal origin, as well as waste of biotechnology industry.

According to the Letter of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation of 06.04.2015 N VG-13-23/4402 "About providing explanations concerning reference to biological waste of the waste containing in the structure animal fats" to this group the waste which are not included in FKKO and being biological waste belongs.

Disposal of biological waste is a complex and serious process, the purpose of which is to prevent environmental pollution and the spread of infectious diseases.
Disposal of biological waste is carried out with the help of:
- burning in the ovens of the crematorium ovens or specially equipped pits;
- disposal of biomaterial in the pit with active chlorine;
- processing at special enterprises of those wastes that do not pose an infectious danger.

LLC Ekouniversal provides a full range of services in destruction or processing of biological waste of different degree of danger. Our specialists are highly qualified in the field of handling these types of waste. Recycling works are carried out in accordance with the current environmental legislation.

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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