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- waste of tires and other rubber products -

Old tires and other rubber products are very dangerous for the environment and at the same time very useful for human economic activity material. Therefore, the problem of processing of used tires is acute not only in Russia but also in many countries around the world.
In the case of waste rubber and tires on landfills is a gradual destruction of the material with the release into the environment of volatile components and heavy metals.
But, in the case of proper handling and proper processing-from tires and other rubber waste can be obtained raw materials for the manufacture of new tires, rubber products, water-repellent coatings for roofs, roads, sports, playgrounds and children's playgrounds, floor mats and soles for shoes, railway sleepers, under-rail pads, etc.

Types of processing used in LLC "Ecouniversal" can be divided into two groups:
- mechanical grinding;
- treatment that changes the chemical structure.

The method of mechanical grinding is considered to be relatively safe from an environmental point of view. The rubber crumb obtained during grinding is widely used in industry and construction.
Among the chemical methods of tire processing are the most common: pyrolysis, thermal destruction (burning), dissolution.
Pyrolysis is called thermal decomposition, which occurs in a special chamber without air access. When burning in cement kilns tires replace combustible materials such as coal and fuel oil. This method is used in the cement industry and to produce heat. Dissolution of old tires is considered a promising direction. Under the influence of the solvent, the raw material is obtained, which can be successfully used in metallurgy and chemical industry.

Russia has introduced a number of standards for the processing of waste tires in order to obtain valuable raw materials. These standards include:
- GOST R 54260-2010 "Resource. Waste treatment. Standard guidance on the use of fuel derived from tyre waste"
- GOST R 56619-2015 "Resource. Waste treatment. Rules for the use of used tires in civil engineering"
et al.

- plastic waste -

Plastic recycling is becoming one of the most popular methods of waste management of this type. Today it is possible to process all kinds of plastics. Most major cities have collection points where waste is sent to processing plants.

LLC Ekouniversal offers several ways of processing of waste of plastic:
1) pyrolysis. Processing of plastics under the influence of high temperatures in special chambers without oxygen access.
2) hydrolysis. Splitting of plastics in vacuum tanks under the influence of water, acid solutions and high temperature. This is an energy-consuming method, and is used only for large-scale processing.
3) methanolysis. In tanks with high temperatures, the plastic is split by methanol.
4) machining. Plastic sorted, sent to the pre-grinding, washing and drying. The resulting fragments are melted and poured into molds or crushed into granules, which are used as raw materials in other industries.
In the absence of recycling possibilities, two other ways of handling plastic waste are used: they are either disposed of at the landfill or incinerated.

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Specialists of LLC Ekouniversal have high qualification in the field of the address with these types of waste. The works are carried out in accordance with the current environmental legislation, on the basis of current permits and licenses.  

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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