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The client of LLC Ekouniversal became one of the largest enterprises for production of sugar-JSC Atmis – sugar (the Penza region).

The company is the city's oldest factories. The plant has high production capacity. For forty years of work 8598426 tons of sugar beet are processed and 1057617 tons of sugar-sand are developed. The staff is about 500 people

Utilization of food waste is a scourge of mankind. Huge volumes of daily production of products for different purposes lead to the formation of a large amount of food biological waste. The accumulation of such waste without disposal in the open space leads to an increase in the risk of epidemics, is a direct threat to the environment and human health.
Specialists of the "Ekouniversal" is ready to provide expert assistance in establishing the optimal method of disposal of this waste. Work on waste disposal is carried out in accordance with applicable environmental legislation and on the basis of current permits (licenses).
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