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The company "Ecouniversal" has acquired new equipment for thermal destruction of hazardous waste series TDU FACTOR-2000. The equipment is already installed and put into operation!

Mobile thermal destruction units "TDU Factor-2000" are designed for thermal disposal of solid waste, medical waste, bio-sludge, oil sludge with a high content of mechanical impurities, contaminated soils, drill cuttings, loose and pasty waste.


Main characteristics " TDU Factor-2000:
* Capacity-up to 4000 kg / h, disposes of more than 700 types of waste III, IV, V hazard class
* Fuel type-diesel / fuel oil (spent fuel)
* Power consumption-up to 45 kW (380V)
• The temperature in the combustion chamber in the camera afterburners - 300-900°C/1000-1200°C
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