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Waste and hazardous traffic logistics

Disposal and disposal of highly hazardous toxic waste is the main specialization of Ecouniversal . All work related to the loading, transportation, unloading and disposal of hazardous toxic waste requires an individual solution in each case. 
Transportation of waste is carried out in a specially equipped transport, eliminating the possibility of losses along the route and environmental pollution. 
Disposal and disposal of toxic industrial waste is carried out at special engineering facilities-landfills of toxic industrial waste. Burial is carried out in accordance with all environmental regulations of the Russian Federation. 
The main partner of LLC "Ecouniversal" for the disposal of toxic waste is sue polygon " Krasny Bor"

Specialists of the "Ekouniversal" have extensive experience in the removal and disposal of toxic industrial waste and chemicals. The cost of services for the removal and disposal of waste depends on their quantity, aggregate condition and hazard class.

"Ekouniversal" provides services for the carriage of dangerous goods by road. One of the main goals of our company is to provide high-quality logistics of dangerous goods. The company is guaranteed to ensure the safety of cargo and maximum safety of transportation.
It is important to note that the provision of safety conditions during transportation of goods, the need to perform special organizational and technical measures depends on the dangerous properties of goods and characteristics of transported substances and waste.

We are ready to offer each client optimal conditions for profitable cooperation.
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