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Industrial effluents are wastewater contaminated due to its use in everyday life and production, as well as atmospheric water withdrawn from the territories of settlements and industrial enterprises. Distinguish:
1)Household waste water. The composition is monotonous: organic in non-dissolved, colloidal or dissolved States. The concentration of pollutants depends on the consumption rate, i.e. the degree of dilution of pollution of the water supply network;
2)Industrial waste water. They are divided into contaminated and conditionally clean. The composition of such effluents is diverse and depends on the nature of production, type of products, features of the production process. Industrial wastewater may contain organic contaminants, mineral contaminants, and a mixture thereof;
3) Atmospheric (surface) waste water. Separate rain and melt water. The composition is monotonous: mainly minerals, a small amount of organic compounds. The concentration of pollutants depends on the place of collection, duration and intensity of precipitation.

Rules of admission of industrial waste waters into sewer systems of settlements (hereinafter - the Rules) approved by Order of the hosing and public services Ministry of the RSFSR of 02.03.1984 N 107. According to PP. 26-28 Rules, the industrial enterprise is obliged to exercise continuous control of quantity and structure of the production sewage dumped in system of the Sewerage of the settlement.

Industrial waste disposal includes the following areas:
- collection of industrial and domestic wastewater and rainwater;
- cleaning of cesspools and septic tanks;
- maintenance of toilets with chemical sterilization;
- maintenance of Sewerage networks;
- collection of sludge treatment facilities.
The complex of works includes transportation and disposal of effluents.

OOO "Ekouniversal" provides services for the pumping and removal of liquid industrial and domestic wastes to the specialized suction equipment.
Disposal of liquid waste we produce in accordance with permits and licenses. Our fleet is equipped with reliable equipment, which is managed by highly qualified specialists.

Our advantage:
- own fleet of machinery, which allows you to set low prices;
- quality assurance and compliance with deadlines and agreements;

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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