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Cleaning and cleaning products, waste cosmetics - to be disposed of both in the waste and in the original form. Plastic containers from household chemicals in both cases are destroyed separately, after cleaning and by special technology.

Disposal of chemically active substances requires strict sorting according to their composition. For example, chlorine-containing waste must necessarily be neutralized by chemical neutralization. The placement of detergents and cleaning agents in landfills is limited, and for some types of waste - is prohibited because of the risk of their penetration into groundwater.

LLC "Ecouniversal" uses the following main methods of disposal:
- Thermal neutralization;
- For solid materials: disposal at the landfill after mechanical grinding and disposal (if necessary);
- Secondary application: grinding and use in the manufacture of cement mixtures.

As processing of this group of waste in recyclable materials can be expensive, in each case, LLC "Ecouniversal" selects the optimal solution for the disposal of each type of waste belonging to the group, in accordance with the customer's requests.

Specialists of LLC Ekouniversal have high qualification in the field of the address with these types of waste. The works are carried out in accordance with the current environmental legislation, on the basis of current permits and licenses.

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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