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Medical waste is removed from the General system of regulation of waste management (item 2 of Art. 2 of the Federal law of 24.06.1998 N 89-FZ "on production and consumption waste"). When handling medical waste, it is necessary to comply with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements established by SanPiN "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the treatment of medical waste".

- features of the treatment of medical waste of class A -

Class a medical waste is not hazardous to humans. This includes garbage from administrative buildings, old furniture, items that have no traces of organic liquids. Also in this list includes food waste from the catering units, not in contact with patients. Collection of such waste is carried out in the usual manner.

1) Collection
Collection is carried out in reusable containers or disposable bags. Waste collection tanks and trolleys shall be marked "Waste. Class A". Filled containers are loaded into marked containers installed on a special site (indoors). Class a food waste is removed through the city sewage system, equipping the internal sewage with food waste shredders. If it is not possible to discharge into the sewage system, food waste is collected separately from other class a waste in containers installed in the premises of the food units. Class A non-food waste can be removed from units by means of a waste chute or pneumatic transport. Large-size waste of class A is collected in special bins for large-size waste.
(2) Accumulation
Containers are stored on a special site. Food waste intended for disposal at municipal solid waste landfills should be placed for temporary storage in reusable containers in disposable packaging. Accumulation of food waste in the absence of special refrigeration equipment is allowed no more than 24 hours .
3) Transportation
It is organized taking into account the scheme of sanitary cleaning accepted for this territory. The use of transport used for the transport of municipal solid waste is permitted. Reusable shipping containers must be washed and disinfected at least once a week.

Disposal of class A medical waste is not required. The removal of medical waste of class A is carried out with the help of garbage trucks to be placed on landfills with ordinary household waste.

Specialists of LLC Ekouniversal have high qualification in the field of the address with these types of waste. The works are carried out in accordance with the current environmental legislation, on the basis of current permits.

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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