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In General, the container is a container for storage and transportation of products. Therefore, depending on the products being transported, the packaging may be contaminated with different types of pollutants. And, in turn, depending on the type of pollutant - different order of recycling containers.
There are the following main ways of recycling containers:
1) grinding, which is the destruction of plastic, metal or other containers by crushing the material, followed by sending the raw material for further processing;
2) incineration;
3) cleaning of containers (at its high price) with the possibility of re-use;
4) burial;
5) and others.
To reduce disposal costs of this waste, the specialists of LLC "Ekouniversal" is recommended to involve the containers used in the economic turnover with the purpose of reuse. For example, various cans and containers of paint can be reused if their contamination is removed with solvents. If such involvement is not possible, we are ready to accept waste for disposal.

Specialists of the "Ekouniversal" ready to provide expert assistance in establishing the class of hazard and methods of disposal of containers contaminated with various types of pollutants. Waste disposal services are carried out in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation and on the basis of current permits (licenses).

To calculate the cost of transportation and disposal, you can use the calculator provided on the website. Or contact our Manager by multi-channel phone 8-800-1006606 (toll free).
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