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In December 2018, LLC "Ecouniversal "received and neutralized oil-containing waste of hazard class 3, formed by the division of the company" ECOSPAS " in the Yaroslavl region. As a result of the work, neutralized more than 1,000 tons of waste.
In addition, an agreement has been concluded for the disposal of waste generated in the units of the group of companies "ECOSPAS" operating in the Russian Federation, namely in all areas in which the company operates.

"ECOSPAS "is a group of companies consisting of the head enterprise of JSC" center for emergency rescue and environmental operations "(JSC" TSASEO"), a network of its branches and subsidiaries. "ECOSPAS" was established in December 1998 by the decision of the Government interdepartmental Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and integrated into the Unified State system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of the Russian Federation (RSChS).

The group of companies "EKOSPAS" is available in the entire territory of the Russian Federation, as evidenced by the map of the location of divisions of the company: экоспас

LLC "Ecouniversal" hopes for further fruitful cooperation with the group of companies"ECOSPAS". And we are ready to recycle waste generated in the company's divisions in all regions of the Russian Federation.
We see ECOSPAS as a potential strategic partner.
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